-What should I bring with my dog for daycare?

For daycare, drop offs begin at 7:30AM, and pups can be dropped off any time before 10AM. Pick ups can be done at any point before 5:30PM.

For boarding, all drop off and pick up times are to be scheduled when making your reservation. Please give us a call if you should need to change your pick up or drop off times. We can be reached at (845) 412-5135

​-What should I bring with my dog for boarding?

What time should I drop off/pick up my dog(s)?

Daycare and Boarding

For boarding, we ask that parents bring with their pups;

~Dog food, including feeding instructions

    *Please refrain from bringing any bags of dog food over 10lbs, or any containers that hold over 10lbs of dog food (only if you have a reservation lasting over 1 week) 

     *Let us know if anything needs to be refrigerated 

~Medication, including instructions (if applicable)

~Vaccine records

We can provide your pups with raised cots, beds, and/or blankets. You may also bring your own if you'd like. Please note, any personal bedding you bring may get chewed or destroyed. We do provide treats as well. If you would like to bring your own treats, you are welcome to bring them with your pup. Please inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions your pup may have.


We require 4 vaccines for daycare and boarding guests:


~Bordetella (Canine/Kennel Cough)

~Distemper Combo (DA2PP OR DHPP)

~Canine Influenza

~Negative Fecal Test (within 1 year of being boarded, and once a year for daycare pups)

*The health and safety of your pups and ours is our #1 priority. That being said, we cannot take any dogs who are not fully vaccinated with the vaccines listed above. If your dog is immunocompromised and cannot receive these vaccines, we recommend boarding with your vet or another trusted vet that offers boarding.

-What vaccines are required for daycare/boarding?

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For daycare, we ask that parents bring their pups on a leash, and a copy of their vaccine records. Dogs who get picked up after 4pm, may also bring a ziplock baggie or small container of food. We have plenty of beds to choose from, and are a toy free facility, so those will not be needed.

Doggy Daycare and Boarding

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$32+tax for 1 dog, one kennel
$50+tax for 2 dogs, one kennel

$65+tax for 3 dogs, one kennel
$75+tax for 4 dogs, one kennel
     •If your dogs require separate boarding kennels, please let us know at the time you schedule your boarding reservation.
    •For rates for more than 4 dogs, please give us a call to discuss.
    •If you pick up your dog before 12pm, you do not get charged for that day of boarding.

   $25+tax for a full day, per dog
   $15+tax for a half day, per dog

    •Daycare is held Monday- Friday
    •Drop off times are between 7:30-10am
    •Pick up times are between 10am-5:30pm

*If your job requires you to work later than our pick up window, please call us to discuss how we may be able to accommodate.